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Customized nutrition plan can reverse various lifestyle diseases & improve all your lipid parameters


NAME - Prashant

Age-38 years

BMI- 32 kg/m2 (obese grade 2)

Location- Charlotte, North Carolina USA

Case history- Prashant is a 38-year-old IT professional who wanted to shed weight and improve his lifestyle. He had psoriasis, diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity, and was also taking medication for anxiety. He came to us because he was struggling to fulfill his duties as a professional, father, and spouse because he used to be so exhausted throughout the day. He also expressed pains in his knee and back. The adverse effects of the psoriasis treatments he was taking frequently left him feeling hungry, dizzy, and severely constipated.

Analysis by the best weight loss dietitian in Telangana - Apart from the above conditions, the analysis showed high normal creatinine, low eGFR, and poor kidney health. There were also signs of Fatty liver and a case of overmedication like sulfonyl urea 5mg.

Approach by the best dietitian weight loss in Telangana- Our first objective was to make him more energetic. His dietary recall showed that he was having 6 – 8 cups of tea throughout the day to give him instant energy. We started by replacing his high-carb breakfast with a balanced breakfast with high protein. We asked him to reduce his teas in the first part of the day by replacing them with healthier alternatives like green tea and honey. So in week 1, we let him have his morning tea as it would make him feel positive throughout the day and replaced the other teas only in the first part of the day. He initially found it difficult to hold on to a lesser number of teas as he was getting carbohydrate withdrawal symptoms and low-grade headaches. Information about the consequences of the many numbers of teas with respect to his short-term goals and long-term outcomes, along with constant coaching, motivation, and support from our team helped him pass through this difficult phase. In the next phase, 15 days later, we focused on giving him complete meals that had a balance of complex carbs in the form of vegetables that supported him with better digestive health, and low glycemic fruits that gave instant energy but did not increase his sugar levels. A balance of whole grains and refined carbs supported him with a reduction of insulin resistance and at the same time familiarity with food reduced his anxiety about a new regimen. In 3 weeks, his cup of tea was reduced to 2, and his snacking stopped completely and was replaced with 3 meals and a snack. We increased his intake of whole grains like brown rice, steel-cut oats, and quinoa as well as adequate portions of vegetables with high-quality proteins from eggs, tofu, hemp milk, cheese, and fish to give him constant energy and eliminate the insulin spikes which was causing mood swings and increasing lethargy. Hemp milk and fish are excellent anti-inflammatory foods that would assist him to get rid of his body pains. He stayed away from processed foods, dairy, and gluten because they could make his psoriasis worse. To boost his gut health and reduce his inflammation, we recommended omega, Vitamin D, and B12 supplements. Soluble fibers from vegetables, prunes, and husk were recommended to treat his constipation. In 45 days, the doctors stopped his diabetic medications, and his Bp medicines were reduced. With all the food-related changes, his body moved to metabolic flexibility, which helped him with constant energy through the day without any lethargy. We then focused on physical activity in the next stage. He was slowly able to increase the intensity of exercise from 30-45 minutes to accelerate his weight loss process. 90 days into the program, his work-from-home schedules were reduced and he was asked to get back to the office. We tailored his food program to help him to order food from his cafeteria. In the final phase in the 4th month, after his bp, sugar levels, and psoriasis were in control without medications, we worked on his inflammation and renal health as he always had a high normal eGFR with low potassium and phosphorus food. He learned how to make conscious food choices while he was traveling and attending social events.

Result- Prashant shed 30 pounds in three months, and he now feels more energized and less dizzy. When he felt anxious, he could swiftly leave that state by using the mental techniques he had been taught. He had stopped taking his psoriasis, bp, and diabetes medications. He no longer experienced constipation. His creatinine and eGFR have improved, and they were now at their lowest bests in the last ten years. He was able to apply for demanding job roles that he had previously turned down over time because of his physical and mental condition thanks to his improved health and weight loss. He was successfully able to achieve his health goals with sustainable lifestyle changes that completely reversed his poor health.

Deepika Chalasani is a Clinical Nutritionist, Mind and Body Transformation Coach and co-founder of Fit4Life India, an integrated nutrition and wellness organization for Indians that provides complete solutions, addressing health and wellness challenges of individuals by working on their overall well-being. Deepika, best nutritionist in Hyderabad for weight loss and online dietician can be contacted via email or Mobile +91 9491011202

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