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PCOS often shows up as these symptoms

  • Irregular periods, acne, hair fall & male pattern balding, darkening of the skin (pigmentation), weight gain, hirsutism - excessive growth of dark or coarse hair in a male-like design — face, chest, and back), mood changes and severe abdominal cramps.

The underlying cause is

  • Insulin resistance: Insulin resistance occurs when the body produces excess insulin to regulate blood glucose levels.

  • Hormonal imbalance: In most cases, excess production of androgen, more specifically testosterone, and decreased production of oestradiol causes hormonal imbalance, which further leads to irregular periods

  • Low-grade inflammation of fat cells: Inflammation is often linked to excess fat accumulation in the body. Insulin resistance, a natural cause of PCOS, further aggravates inflammation as fat metabolism is impacted. Insulin resistance, when occurring in adipose tissues leads to lipotoxicity as excess fat is released into the bloodstream and is taken up by other organs like the liver and skeletal muscles, which are not able to store the extra fat.

  • Heredity: Research has linked PCOS to certain genes as a result of dysregulation triggered by genomic variants.

The role of nutrition & healthy active lifestyle to reverse PCOS:

Adequate nutrition, appropriate physical activity, minimised intermittent stress & proper sleep aid in PCOS reversal.

Appropriate nutrition:

A diet consisting of low insulin spiking foods, balanced nutrition that comprises cell wall intact carbs, adequate protein, essential vitamins & minerals, and healthy fats reduces insulin resistance, improves hormonal functioning & aids in fat burn. Protein contributes to effective hormonal functioning only when it is consumed & metabolised efficiently. Factors that need to be considered are the amount of protein per meal, the type of protein, time of the day of consumption, protein digestibility, etc. Nutrition plays a vital role in increasing or decreasing inflammation. Foods that reduce inflammation are vegetables, fruits, nuts & seeds, and whole grains when consumed according to a person’s body type and gastrointestinal health.

Healthy Active Lifestyle

Food causing blood sugar spikes and dips is the single most significant contributor to intermittent stress, and therefore it needs to be consumed in a manner that provides consistent energy throughout the day. Blood sugar spikes and dips leads to anxiety and mood swings quite often.

Many believe that exercise is the panacea to all illnesses and PCOS as well. For PCOS reversal, it’s essential to indulge in physical activity. Physical activity in isolation without appropriate nutrition may show some results but is not sustainable in the long run and thus should be followed in the daily routine.   


  • Nutrition & healthy, active lifestyle aid significantly in reversing PCOS. However, it cannot replace the medical treatment therefore, clients are required to seek medical help according to their condition.

  • Even after the reversal of PCOS, continuous monitoring and sustaining a healthy lifestyle are essential to prevent its recurrence.

  • Exercise cannot replace wholesome nutrition; excess of it can cause long-term irreversible damage to the body therefore, nutrition & exercise need to complement each other for ideal results.

PCOS & Indians:

Most Indian women who suffer from PCOS are TOFI body types and predominantly have abdominal fat, apart from the other typical symptoms. Therefore, the approach must be focussed on adequate nutrition that aids in emptying the semi-burnt fat from the cells, making the body insulin sensitive through a sustainable and consistent lifestyle, and reducing inflammation with the help of alkalising foods.   

Most Indians are protein deficient and therefore need to include enough dense & complete proteins in order to improve their hormonal functioning.

Our Support:

  • Holistic approach that integrates the four elements. We provide guidance on Adequate Nutrition, Appropriate Physical Activity, Minimised intermittent stress, and Sound sleep for effective and sustainable results.

  • Balance health outcomes & pleasure foods to ensure sustainability in the longer run

  • Customise the program to support your current lifestyle & design a program that suits your pace of transition.

  • Educate you so that you can independently make informed food choices & make sound decisions that support a healthy, active lifestyle for your body.

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