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Our foods have Nutrition, Health and many beneficial aspects woven into one to give our clients an enriching and beneficial lifestyle.

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Foods that make the heart healthy:

Medicines reduce LDL cholesterol but increase Apo B, high levels of which are more dangerous for the heart. Our foods, with prudent use of medicines, make your heart healthy by reducing LDL and Apo B. Our Green rotis with Dates Seeds Marmalade and Dates Seeds Cubes are without added sugar and suitable even for people with diabetes to support heart health.

Recycle the Body Fat:

Carbs comprise a large part of an Indian's diet. The body stores them as fat for use in between meals. The current Indian diet primarily consists of refined foods such as white rice, maida, bread, finely ground atta, idlis, dosas, processed snacks, etc., preventing the body from using its fat in between meals, making us hungry immediately within a couple of hours after the meal. However, we carry sufficient fat to live for over a month.

This un-recycled fat causes heart attacks and other modern diseases such as diabetes, cholesterol, and BP, which are incorrectly called lifestyle diseases. Shvasa foods like Green Rotis, Protein Nachos, and Protein Minestrone Soup help recycle body fat.


Foods that supply vegan protein, equal in quality to animal protein:

Are you eating adequate protein? 84% of Indians don't eat enough protein, leading to bulging bellies. Protein is required to burn fat and other essential body functions such as immunity, muscle strength, optimal hormonal functions, and good quality hair and skin. Protein-deficient diet causes cravings (especially for sugar), high sugar levels, poor recovery after workout, back pain, muscle weakness, low bone density, hair fall etc.

Our vegan Protein Nachos have more protein than mutton. Our vegan Minestrone Soup has 1 ½ times more protein than an egg. Our Green Rotis have 2 ½ times more protein and 30 % fewer calories than regular rotis. Our protein murukkus has complete protein with coconut oil, which nurtures the brain.

Foods that rejuvenate the gut by feeding the gut bacteria:

Our body has an equal number of Human Cells and Gut Bacteria. The low-fibre modern foods / refined and processed modern-day foods feed only Human cells, forcing the Gut bacteria to live by eating the gut lining. This is the basic cause of constipation and other gut health issues such as gastritis acid reflux. Feeding the Gut Bacteria is the one-stop solution for all stomach issues.


Our Date Seeds Cubes, Dates Seeds Marmalade, Bisi Bele Bhath, and a range of variety of frozen cut vegetables for salads, smoothies, and omelettes/eggs improve digestion and reduce constipation by giving nutritious fibre in our meals and feeding the Gut Bacteria.

Foods that detox the body:

Pollution is all around us. We cannot prevent it from entering the body. But we can avoid its harmful effects by strengthening the Liver, the main organ that detoxifies the body. Fat produced by the Gut bacteria and phytonutrients strengthens the Liver better than any medicine. Our Date Seeds Marmalade, Super Seeds and Date Seeds Cubes help make the Gut bacteria produce liver-strengthening fat, while Frozen vegetables supply the phytonutrients.


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