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Deepika Chalasani's Personal Story

"As a mother of 2 teenagers, I did experience various issues mentioned above. While growing up I was a girl with an
ideal weight. My first pregnancy at the age of 30 resulted in a weigh gain of over 25 kilos. I was not able to shed this
weight even after several years of pregnancy. I struggled with excess weight for about 10 years. I would lose weight
only to gain it back.

At 39, I was obese, got a few ailments (which were a part of my family genes) like diabetes, knee pains, palpitations etc.
Frustrated with the complications that arose because of my weight gain and the developments in my health, I decided to
study nutrition. I finally lost all the excess weight in a period of 2 years and since then have been able to sustain the same."


     Pregnancy & child birth thereafter is a big milestone in a woman’s life. The transition a woman goes through in this journey both physically emotionally is     huge and in many ways can be considered like a “metamorphosis” of sorts.

Post pregnancy img-2.jpg

This is a chart for ideal weight gain for pregnant women. For most of us, however, our graph of weight gain is very different as compared to the chart. Several factors make our weight gain journey very unique. Some contributing factors are genes, our current health status, our life style, our age of
pregnancy etc.

As per studies, postpartum weight gain is also fairly common. Several studies show, that over 30% of the mothers don’t get back to their pre-pregnancy weight. A large number of women, even though have gotten back to their earlier weight are still a size more than their pre-pregnancy weight and a fair number of them struggle with issues like fat around their waist line or bulges that they have never experienced before their pregnancy.  20 - 25% women who did not gain excessive weight during their pregnancy however tend to gain excessive weight after child birth.

In general, women commonly experience fatigue, loss of energy, body image issues which, many times leads to low-
self esteem, eating disorders, depression etc. as well.


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Equipped with unique certifications in the realm of Mind & Body, i.e. : Eating Psychology Coach, Enneagram Practioner,
Fellowship in Clinical Nutrition, Weight Management & Lifestyle Specialist, Fitness Nutrition Specialist and Trainer, Coach Master Practitioner NLP and more..  

Deepika's  approach is based on researched data from reputed organizations such as WHO, National Institute of
Nutrition, American Diabetes Associations and others coupled with the treasure of ancient Indian wisdom like

Deepika understand her clients holistically and develops a personalized path that is suited to their lifestyle, geography,
health history, current health status and ensures that the program is sustainable. She considers blood reports, family

history, current lifestyle and thereafter designs a nutrition plan that supports health of the mother as well as holistic
health of the baby.

Our Fit Mom - Personalized Post Pregnancy Programs include Consultations, Energy & Fitness Program and a Targeted Nutrition Program.

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