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A mother can achieve healthy & glowing skin & reduce hair fall along with improving energy levels


Name: Preeti

Age: 30 years

Gender: Female

Location: Hyderabad, Telangana, India

Case History: Preeti, a home maker and a mother of two kids belonges to a middle class family. She wakes up early and has busy mornings sending her children to school, packing her husband’s tiffin and morning house hold chores. due to which she many times skipped her breakfast or has a delayed breakfast. On most days she would end up consuming delayed random meals. Because of irregular timings, her energy levels would drop by noon and therefore she did not have the energy to manage the demands of her kids after school. Many times she would develop back pain and have recurrent mood swings, impacting the energy at home.All of these also impacted her hair and skin health. Her blood reports suggested protein malnutrition and poor iron levels in the body. She was looking to treat anemia, achieve healthy skin and hair, be energetic through the day without back pains and erratic moods.

Approach by the best dietitian, in Hyderabad, Telangana

By analyzing her food diary and lifestyle, we saw that she consumed quick digesting carbohydrates during the day, her diet was deficient in adequate protein which was causing low energy and back pains and disrupting her morning chores of cleaning the house.. She had irregular and random eating schedules leading to sugar spikes and crashes causing mood swings and irritability throughout the day. Because of her hectic home schedule, she was not able to give time for self-care and her health. Erratic eating patterns and poor lifestyle habits caused vitamin deficiencies such as vitamins like B12 and iron along with poor skin texture and hair fall. We started by helping her make a daily routine that supports her home maker and mother responsibilities along with her health goals. We then started correcting her vitamin deficiencies through food and supplements which helped improve her health. We provided her first with a customized breakfast plan with appropriate macronutrient ratio as per her body needs and goals that was easy to execute in the morning . Whole foods were included such as antioxidant rich vegetable and fruits to support skin health. In order to create an alkaline environment in her gut, we provided cooked and alkaline based foods. As she is a vegetarian, optimum protein sources such as curd, homemade paneer, peanuts, tofu, pulses and legumes in a structured manner were suggested which helped with hair health. Lots of greens were included in innovative ways such as tikkis, green rotis and curries. Good quality and healthy fats were given in order to combat cravings and hunger pangs. Iron rich foods such as seeds and dates were included in the meal plan. We provided her easy and quick recipes so that she can maintain with her hectic schedule and avoid skipping meals. One pot recipes like pulao, salads and porridge were suggested. Small modifications to the existing meals were done so that it becomes easy for her to follow and is sustainable. Hair and skin external organic products were suggested and few home remedies to maintain skin and hair was provided. Constant support and guidance was given to her throughout the program.


Her texture of skin and hair significantly improved. Episodes of hair fall decreased. Her skin started glowing. She was energetic through the day with no back pains or mood swings. Acne breakouts were reduced. Her energy levels improved.. Her washrooms cycles got better.

Deepika Chalasani is a Clinical Nutritionist, Mind and Body Transformation Coach and co-founder of Fit4Life India, an integrated nutrition and wellness organization for Indians that provides complete solutions, addressing health and wellness challenges of individuals by working on their overall well-being. Deepika, best nutritionist in Hyderabad for weight loss and online dietician can be contacted via email or Mobile +919381525943

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