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You can improve your gut health, tolerate a variety of food & not feel bloated or gassy, increase your stamina along with managing hectic college studies.


Name: Nisha

Gender: Female

Age: 23


Case history: Nisha, a young vegetarian student, was suffering from gut issues since childhood. She frequently faced stomach aches and was not able to digest protein such as cheese, paneer, soy and even several whole dals. She would suffer from severe bloating when she ate vegetables such as greens, cruciferous vegetables such as cauliflower, bell peppers so much that she developed fear from eating a variety of foods and trying new things and used to only eat limited food items. Her appetite was also very low and she was not able to finish her meals consisting of adequate carbohydrates, protein and fats causing nutritional deficiencies which led to fatigue and mood swings. She was not able to energetically perform her daily chores and work. Her college schedule entailed her to stand for long hours and walk through the day further creating severe back pain and limited mobility. She also recently faced slip disc issues which restricted her movement. Hence, she was looking for a sustainable plan which would rejuvenate her gut and make it stronger to be able to eat a variety and also improve her energy levels through the day.

Approach by the best nutritionist / dietician in Hyderabad, Telangana, India Deepika Chalasani:

After analyzing her dietary recall, we saw that she was eating very less because her meal composition was wrong. Her vitamin scores such as vit d, b12, magnesium was very low. Her meals would either not include protein at all or she would have a lot of it. She most often would have the largest protein portion consisting of 70 grams of paneer at dinner which would normally be at 8 – 9 pm. 70 grams of protein at one time for someone whose weight is 46 kgs is a lot. This would make her feel very heavy at night and she would wake up feeling nauseated and heavy the next day. Her other meals were simple carb rich and quick digesting which were giving her a quick burst of energy at that time but soon she would feel fatigued and tired. The sequence of food intake of meals was also inaccurate. Hence, we designed a customized plan for her taking into account her studies, college hours, her sensitivity of gut and food preferences. We put her on adequate supplementation of vit d, b12 and magnesium. We made sure to include all the food groups through easy to make, eat and digest dishes such as kichadi with legumes, soft cooked vegetables and small portions of protein in every meal so that her body could digest comfortably. We gave her plant protein shakes with vegetables and healthy protein bars which she could carry as a to-go meal. At home, we ensured that she learnt the appropriate sequence of food intake such as cereal and vegetables first with good fats such as ghee and thereafter a small portion source such as egg, tofu, curd, cheese. We gave her 2 portions of fruit during the day as a mid-morning snack and at tea time before she had the protein bar so that the meals would not feel heavy for her. We gave her more protein at breakfast, lunch and teatime and less protein intake at dinner to optimize on protein digestibility . We included gut friendly foods and eliminated all the inflammatory and triggering foods causing discomfort and indigestion. To support her gut health, we incorporated gut improving food such as date seeds paste, kefir and hemp milk.. All the meals suggested to her were easy to digest nutrient dense complete meals which helped her retain muscle mass, give her the much needed stamina and consistent energy through the whole day in college. She used to drink very little water which did not support optimal digestion of food especially protein hence we emphasized and made sure that she hydrates herself through the day with water which is very important for a healthy gut and optimal absorption of nutrients. We also gave her guidance and coaching on how to choose foods while eating out which were nutritious and gut friendly. Since she went to university for her studies, she had to learn to be independent. Hence, we trained her meal prepping so that she can independently cook healthy foods for herself along with managing studies and daily schedules. Continuous monitoring and support was provided to her so that her journey becomes smooth and comfortable.


In her journey with us, her gut health significantly improved as she could eat more food. She did not feel gassy or nauseated in the morning and therefore was able to have a sumptuous breakfast at the start of the day. As we had made the meals compact and easy to eat and execute, she was able to complete the meal which gave her the stamina that she required through the day. As we ensured that she ate food in the right sequence and the appropriate proportions, she did not feel bloated.  She is able to eat and tolerate more foods than before as she now knows the portions that she should consume in every meal. She learnt to take care of her health by herself. Her water intake and step count gradually increased. Her energy levels drastically improved and she is able to easily walk 10000-15000 steps through the day which was a struggle before. Her back pain and discomfort disappeared. She feels healthier and happy than before.


Deepika Chalasani is a Clinical Nutritionist, Mind and Body Transformation Coach and co-founder of Fit4Life India, an integrated nutrition and wellness organization for Indians that provides complete solutions, addressing health and wellness challenges of individuals by working on their overall well-being. Deepika, best nutritionist in Hyderabad for weight loss and online dietician can be contacted via email or Mobile +91 9381525943

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