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You can improve protein digestibility, build immunity & have energy through the day.


Name: Maanvi

Age- 36 years

BMI- 24.6, overweight, 60 kgs

Location- Bangalore, India

Profession- Management consultant

Case History- Mansi has been struggling with serious gut issues. She was having recurrent diarrhea whenever she consumed spicy foods. She was diagnosed with IBS. She was eating less than her RDA and was restricting few protein rich foods as she would heavy and bloated after consuming them.She also felt fatigued after her weight training regimen. She tried various diet before but, her bowel issues like acidity, bloating, digestion and heaviness after meals did not get resolved. Instead, she faced lot of sugar cravings. Her vit d and b 12 were also low. Hence, she was looking to follow a plan which was sustainable and would rejuvenate her gut and manage IBS.

Approach by the bestnutritionist & Dietician, Telangana, India –By analyzing her dietary recall, we saw that her diet lacked adequate protein. She was either consuming a lot of protein in some of meals or she was completely missing it in her meals. The quality and diversity of protein she consumed did not support her gut. As she is a vegetarian, in order to meet the protein needs,she would either have large portions of split dhals or store bought paneer. Also since she was unsure of the tolerance of food by her gut, hence she stuck to a few food options which lead to poor gut microbiome.He meals comprised of largely quick digesting food such as breads, white rice as she found them light. Her overall meal composition had minimal soluble / insoluble fiber as she was scared of bloating, indigestion and heaviness which compromised her gut microbiome.We started by correcting her vit D and B12 levels first to support her health journey. We gave her easy to digest protein in every meal that is gut friendly and in small portions. We started with curd, small portions of whole dhals in the form of chillas. Curd is a probiotic and easy to digest protein. Moong dhal has both soluble fiber and some resistant starch which supports gut health. Introduction of whole dhals did cause some bloating and flatulence initially but we provided constant support, monitoring and education about the benefits of fiber in the meals and how bloating and flatulence will always be there when roughage is added to the meals but it is essential for improvement in the gut microbiome. Weeliminated all inflammatory and triggering foods from her diet. We provided her alkaline, easy to digest foods. As the second stage, we added complex carbs in the form of easy to digest grains such as quinoa, ragi to increase fiber and micronutrient intake. Over a period of time good quality proteins such as eggs, various vitamin rich fruits, healthy fats such as seeds and coconut chutney was suggested toimprove the gut health. . All the foods included in her meal plan were according to IBS low FODMAP. Adequate micronutrient, fiber rich foods and resistant starch superfood such as raw banana powder were given which, helped her resolve her nutritional deficiencies and gut health. She gradually incorporated foods from red list of FODMAP in small quantities, one at a time to check her tolerance levels. She was also given scientific education regarding food and how her body works holistically and reacts to food so that she can sustain her health for lifetime. Continuous monitoring of food, supplements and exercise along with regular follow ups were done.


With our support and guidance, she now is able to consume 60 grams of protein in a day spread through the day without any bloating or discomfort. She is energetic through the day even after a strenuous workout regimen. Her washroom cycles are regulated as she is able to tolerate both soluble and insoluble fiber. Her IBS symptoms have disappeared. She is able to tolerate and digest optimum protein easily without any bowel issues. Her immunity has also improved. She hasn’t had episodes of cold, cough in a while. She has built a healthy relationship with food and no longer shy away from it. She also lost 5kgs. Her iron levels improved and achieved a hormonal balance. Her washroom cycles got better and her bowel issues like acidity, bloating and constipation resolved. She is able to enjoy her favorite foods without any digestive discomfort even while traveling and social gathering.

Deepika Chalasani is a Clinical Nutritionist, Mind and Body Transformation Coach and co-founder of Fit4Life India, an integrated nutrition and wellness organization for Indians that provides complete solutions, addressing health and wellness challenges of individuals by working on their overall well-being. Deepika, best nutritionist in Hyderabad for weight loss and online dietician can be contacted via email or Mobile+919381525943

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