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Diet fads & portion controlled diets can compromise immunity, fatigue, irritability & cravings.


Name: Akanksha

Age: 30

Sex: Female

BMI: 27, obese

Case History- Akanksha, a 30-year-old CA and a mother of three kids, gained 20 kgs during her third pregnancy. She was very keen to lose the pregnancy weight very quickly and therefore signed up with a nutritionist. The diet fads she followed left her with poor immunity, extremely low energy levels and multiple nutrition deficiencies to an extent that she was falling sick every month. She would constantly be irritable and not have the energy to pull through the day. She was not able to focus on work and she also had to stop her physical fitness trainer as she had no energy to work out in the morning. Since her diet was only about portion control, by the end of the day, she would feel very hungry and have to resort to willpower. She lost motivation and could not even exercise for 30 minutes. When we examined her blood reports, her iron, calcium, Vitamin D and Vitamin B12 were deficient.

Approach by the best weight loss nutritionist in India- During her initial consultation, we learnt she consumed meagre portions at every meal, unbalanced nutrition and a few small meals per day diets that caused muscle loss and compromised her immunity. When a meal is properly balanced with complex carbohydrates, complete proteins and good fats, then the body moves into a metabolic flexibility zone thereby losing fat. When balanced nutrition is not given, the energy is low because the body is not in fat-burning mode and actually using the muscle energy for survival. We suggested a program to target her immunity, physical activity, energy and overall holistic health. In the first week itself, she was able to see the energy difference with our metabolic flexibility program. She did not have to resort to willpower to control hunger as she was comfortably nourished since we made it palate friendly. With renewed energy, she restarted her strength training sessions that would build her muscles and burn extra calories. Her meals were diversified with proteins from vegetarian sources, sufficient fiber from vegetables and foods that boosted her nutrient requirements. We taught her how to maintain and sustain her weight during social events like Diwali by focusing more on meal timings, feasting and fasting periods.

Results- Akanksha’s energy levels drastically improved which helped her to exercise better as well as manage her busy schedule. She saw more inch loss rather than weight loss. In spite of attending parties and gatherings and giving her wholesome and nutritious meals for a whole month, she was able to lose 4kgs in 1.5 months. She learnt how to sustain her weight by focusing more on proper food choices and adequate exercise. Additionally, her sleep and washroom cycles have improved. She has not fallen ill despite weather changes and hectic activity during the festive and wedding season. She currently feels more confident and enthusiastic from within.

Deepika Chalasani is a Clinical Nutritionist, Mind and Body Transformation Coach and co-founder of Fit4Life India, an integrated nutrition and wellness organization for Indians that provides complete solutions, addressing health and wellness challenges of individuals by working on their overall well-being. Deepika, best nutritionist in Hyderabad for weight loss and online dietician can be contacted via email or Mobile +91 9491011202

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