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How to manage Weight gain during Covid 19! Tips by Deepika Chalasani, best nutritionist in hyderabad

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

The world has changed with Covid19. The new normal now is to work-from-home, sedentary life, minimal house-help support, a system that many Indians are dependent on and of-course there is increase in screen-time. For most people, work-from-home does not have a start-time or finish time.

The new-normal is no more a passing phase but here to stay for a long long time. Many IT companies have declared that this present working scenario will continue till end of 2020 or longer.

We are social beings and the new-normal does not allow us to meet our friends and family with ease. We no longer can indulge in normal stress-busters like partying, retail therapy, movies, going to concerts or even indulging in physical activity like getting to the gym, swimming etc.

“The new-normal scenario, and the uncertainties associated with it is are also taking a toll on our mental balance. In such a situation, food becomes the easy “stress-buster”. This coupled with increased sedentary life, very minimal avenues of physical activity and the stress-full environment that we are dealing with is a sure-shot formula for weight gain and increased pre-disposition to metabolic disorders like diabetes, BP etc.” says Deepika Chalasani, best Nutritionist in Hyderabad.

In these circumstances, what can we do to keep ourselves mentally and physically fit?

Mental botherations, disturbances and uncertainties very often cause emotional eating and weight gain. This is in fact is one of the main reasons of obesity in the world.

First, look at dimensions in your life that are important for you, that you can control. For e.g., every rupee saved is rupee earned. This will help you live prudently. Make a budget of essential expenses and save the rest. More the bank balance, there is more ease in our minds.

Fitness at Home
Nutritionist in Hyderabad _ Fitness at Home

Second, look for additional sources of income so that all your eggs are not in one basket. Many of us are good at some hobby that can help us make some additional money. For e.g. baking, supplying a healthy salad to the neighborhood, paining, music, foreign language. You can make money teaching people, or leveraging the skill. This will help you get some pleasure as well as make money and therefore give you some ease mentally.

Indulging in a physical activity, helps our physical and mental health in multiple ways. It’s also a myth that we can indulge in physical activity only in an outdoor environment or in gym. There are many non-abrasive cardio activity, HIIT training you can do at home following you tube channels. Going up and down the stairs for 20 minutes in a day is also a great way to increase heart rate and burn fat. For a healthy life, life style movements of a minimum 10,000 steps is essential. You can complete it by walking while taking calls. After every 30 minutes of sitting in a desk, you can set an alarm to walk for 5 minutes. You can also dance to your favorite songs. It’s a great combination of exercise and pleasure.

Lots of vegetables with adequate protein is the key to healthy weight loss. This combination is low calorie and metabolic boosting. A green salad every day is very easy to implement and is also a very cheap. Additionally, you could use your free time to freeze vegetables in combinations, which can be made into tasty smoothies and soups. When hungry, just make vegetable smoothies or soup, which can made in a few minutes. Also use some spare time during the weekends to buy protein requirements for a week. Make them in bulk and freeze it in portion sizes that is adequate for you. Ideal protein consumption is .8 grams per ideal body weight. Protein has to be consumed every meal. Divide the protein consumption across all the meals of the day. Avoid heavy protein foods after sunset. These tips will help you boost your immunity to fight covid-19 as well as for weight loss.

Drink adequate water through the day. It aids in improving metabolism by 30%.

Ensure of course to live and consume food in extremely sanitized and hygienic conditions. Make sure you peal all the vegetables before you consume so that there is no scope for the virus to be present.

For any further detailed advise on diet plans, meal plans, you may contact Deepika Chalasani, best dietician in Telangana. Deepika Chalasani is a Clinical Nutritionist, Mind and Body Transformation Coach and co-founder of Fit4Life India, an integrated nutrition and wellness organisation for Indians that provides complete solutions, addressing health and wellness challenges of individuals by working on their overall well being. Deepika, Nutritionist in Hyderabad, India and can be contacted via email or Mobile +91 94910 11202.

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