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Healthy balanced diet can help you achieve sustainable weight loss while enjoying your pleasure food


Name- BL Naresh

Age- 38 years

BMI- 35 kg/m2

Location- Secunderabad

Case history: Naresh has been struggling with managing his weight for quite a long time. He tried various techniques to lose the extra weight. He could lose roughly 5 kg while on a raw vegetable diet, after which he did not lose any further. At the same time, he knew he could not continue to be on a raw vegetable diet for long. He came to us to give him a sustainable weight loss solution that will not only help him lose weight in the short term but a sustainable weight loss diet that would improve his energy levels, reduce cravings and boost his overall health.

Analysis by the best weight loss nutritionist in Telangana, India- According to his complete blood reports, he was anaemic (low Hb- 10.2 and PCV - 35.1), which is unusual for men, had high uric acid - 6.6, low Vitamin D (16.06) and poor lipid profile (TG- 156, HDL- 36 and LDL- 107).

Approach by the best weight loss nutritionist in Telangana, India- During our initial consultation, he admitted to following numerous FAD diets, such as eating a lot of raw vegetables that would make him hungry quickly him the importance of a balanced diet and suggested meal plans according to Harvard's healthy plate concept which recommends eating vegetables, fruits, whole grains, healthy fats, and good proteins in the right way. Since he was an eggetarian, good proteins like homemade paneer, eggs, whole dals, tofu, and hung curd were suggested to improve muscle mass and elevate late-night cravings and hunger pangs. Additionally, we educated him about the importance of the gut-brain connection, ideal digestion, and how the brain begins processing food when we are completely mindful of what we are eating. We explained the significance of eating between sunrise and sunset as our body digests better while the sun is up; therefore, we incorporated 14 14-hour fasting periods and a 9-hour eating window each day. He was able to make progressive modifications to his lifestyle, such as increasing his physical activity to 45 minutes of intense sessions in the morning and including 10,000 steps per day, along with appropriate water consumption and conscious food choices. We diversified his vegetable consumption by including 3-4 servings of vegetables cooked for only 5-7 minutes in the form of salads, soups, one-pot meals, and wraps; this brought variety to his plate and made vegetable consumption fun. Iron-rich foods like green leafy vegetables, tofu, and dates combined with seeds improved his gut health and relieved anaemia. Furthermore, he learned some helpful cooking techniques, such as preparing quick and simple breakfasts, carry-along meals while travelling, and adequately utilising frozen foods. Vitamin D deficiency was managed by consuming Vitamin D-rich foods, supplements, and morning sun walks.

Result: Naresh remarkably lost 16 kgs in 6 months and 24 kgs in 9 months and has sustained 85 kgs for over three years. Hunger pangs and cravings disappeared. Anaemia parameters like Haemoglobin increased to 14.2 g/dl and PCV to 43.3 %. There was good improvement in lipid profile (TG- 68 mg/dl and HDL- 50 mg/dl), Gout (Uric acid – 4.9), and Vitamin D (32 ng/ml) were seen. He learned how to sustain his weight in spite of travelling and attending social gatherings and dinner outs, which he couldn't do earlier. He developed a good relationship with food and didn't feel guilty even after indulging outside. He feels more confident and enthusiastic from within after he successfully achieved his health goals.

Deepika Chalasani is a Clinical Nutritionist, Mind and Body Transformation Coach and co-founder of Fit4Life India, an integrated nutrition and wellness organisation for Indians that provides complete solutions, addressing health and wellness challenges of individuals by working on their overall well-being. Deepika, best nutritionist in Hyderabad for weight loss and online dietician can be contacted via email or Mobile +919381525943

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