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A long history of diseases can be reversed with personalized meal plans for a healthy balanced life.


Name- Kumari

Age- 66 years

BMI- 39 kg/m2, obese grade 3

Location- Karnool, Andhra Pradesh

Case History- Kumari a 66-year-old former consumer member had a long history of health problems. She was obese, had high uric acid levels, and had hypertension. Additionally, she underwent hysterectomy and knee replacement surgeries on both her knees with 1 hinge in the left knee. She approached us to help her lose weight and treat her ailments.

Analysis by the best nutritionist in Telangana- She was extremely obese with high insulin and almost diabetic. She was malnourished as she consumed low-protein meals and had low Vitamin D levels. She also had very high signs of inflammation in the body. Stress compromised her immunity and covid left her weak and tired.

Approach by the best nutritionist in Telangana- We initially recommended an anti-inflammatory diet to help her body's hs-CRP and ESR levels. To improve her general health, we suggested multivitamins. Since she stayed in Karnool, she did not have access to many exotic fruits and vegetables but we were able to improve her well-being with the local foods available in her locality. We also eliminated purine-rich foods because of her high uric acid levels. We gave her grass-fed anti-inflammatory protein like grass fed mutton, meal replacement shakes, and mutton bone soup to aid in weight loss, improve overall bone health and reduction in her overall health parameters. Although limiting her daily consumption of total fat to 30%, we made sure she consumed healthy fats like ghee, nuts, and seeds. She was unable to exercise much due to her knee replacement surgeries, but we gradually started introducing exercise in the form of walks to help her metabolism and mobility. We advised her on how to choose healthy foods when she visited the US based on the food available there.

Result- Within 3 months Kumari’s lipid parameters improved, and uric acid and hypertension had also come down to a healthy range. She lost 9 kg with minimum exercise while having more energy and a stronger immune system. During her travel to the USA, she no longer needed a wheelchair to move between the terminals while in transit. She does not have to worry about her health even when she has to travel or attend family gatherings.

Deepika Chalasani is a Clinical Nutritionist, Mind and Body Transformation Coach and co-founder of Fit4Life India, an integrated nutrition and wellness organization for Indians that provides complete solutions, addressing health and wellness challenges of individuals by working on their overall well-being. Deepika, best nutritionist in Hyderabad for weight loss and online dietician can be contacted via email or Mobile +91 9491011202

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